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Real Door County Engagement — Campfire A Capella Singing Proposal

June 28th, 2013 by Morgan - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

Looking for a unique way to propose marriage in Door County? Try by a campfire with you and your friends singing a capella! ~ I love it, and I’m sure you will too!!

Bride-To-Be Story … Rachael’s family visits Door County for a long weekend twice a year. Last Labor Day Weekend 2012, after 8 years together, Rob prepared an elaborate scheme that involved rewriting a popular song, making secret arrangements with Peninsula Players Theater in a Garden and inviting his Fundamentally Sound friends to Door County for an “A Capella Flash Proposal” during the Saturday night show intermission.

The video is a bit dark as the proposal took place outside by the fire pit. Rachael, Rob, her parents, sister and the Fundamentally Sound singers then went to a restaurant to celebrate. There Rob and his friends recreated the proposal for our listening enjoyment.

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Proposal Videography: Father & Mother of the Bride-To-Be / Singers: Fundamentally Sound / Proposal Location: Peninsula Players

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