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Door County Bride-To-Be — Wrap-Up

June 14th, 2013 by Jackie - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

Hello friends,

I’m a little late in writing this week, so please forgive me. I had a big weekend of traveling, getting married, and more traveling.

Matt and I were married on Sunday, June 9 at Gordon Lodge on North Bay in Baileys Harbor. The weather was damp and cool. And, though a downpour never erupted, we opted to hold the evening’s festivities inside Gordon’s beautiful event center. Wedding planners Morris and Ed (DLG Creative Management, Minneapolis) transformed a breakfast nook into the perfect ceremony site, surrounded with tall windows that mimicked perfectly the outdoor experience, sans bugs. Billowing lengths of purple and white tule framed a rough altar, from which our pastor delivered a poignant sermon on partnership, loyalty, and equality in marriage.

Guests recessed to a beautiful cocktail reception, just steps from the ceremony in the event center’s bar area. Photographer Jason Mann (Jason Mann Photography) managed to nab a few quick shots along the beach before bay flies and scattered sprinkles chased us inside for dinner. Once again, Morris and Ed outdid themselves, setting up a long table in the sun porch, complete with fire burning in the oversized stone fireplace. Our beautiful chocolate-mint and chocolate-peanut butter wedding cake (Flour Girl Patissier) was displayed on one end of the room, and the fingerprint tree on a table at the other. (I’m happy to say that guests did manage to follow the framed instructions for contributing a leaf to the tree that Sandy, my matron of honor, so diligently created.)

Dinner was outstanding. Our guests raved over the Door County cherry salad, a dinner salad with blue cheese, dried cherries, walnuts, and slices of green apple. Each of the entrees, the bacon-wrapped sirloin, the eggplant marinara with spinach-ricotta filling, and the grilled chicken breast with corn salsa, was delicious and delicately finished. (I know this because I begged for a bite of each—bride’s prerogative, you know.) The evening wound down with cake and plenty of laughs before everyone wandered back to their lakeside cabins or lodge rooms.

The next day, after friends and family hit the road toward home, Matt and I reflected on the weekend while drifting around the bay in one of the lodge’s tandem kayaks. As we passed bottles of cider back and forth and dozed, we retold the story of our wedding from our own perspectives. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the weekend was seeing the awe on the faces of our family and friends, all of whom were visiting Gordon Lodge for the first time. At some point, whether it was while watching the gulls divebomb the blue waves for their dinner or cheer as a sea plane took off from North Bay or some other time, nearly all of our guests turned to Matt or me and said, “Now I understand why you like Door County.” We’d managed to share with our closest family and friends just why we find Door County to be a special place—mission accomplished.

Door County Wedding Photography by Jason Mann Photograpy.

Venue: Gordon Lodge on North Bay, Baileys Harbor
Cake: Flour Girl Patissier, Fish Creek
Music: Tutti Strings, Sturgeon Bay
Flowers: Custom by wedding planner
Wedding planner: DLG Creative Management, Minneapolis
Hair and nails: Invidia, Sturgeon Bay
Photography: Jason Mann Photography, Sturgeon Bay

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