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Door County Bride-To-Be — Countdown: 1 Week

June 5th, 2013 by Jackie - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

Courtesy of istockphoto.


It’s strange. Many people say the week leading to the wedding is the most stressful, but I feel just the opposite—the checks are all written, everyone knows where they’re supposed to be, and everything will either fall into place or it won’t. There’s really not much I need to do at this point, other than pick my nail polish.

I did my check-writing on Friday, when our paychecks were deposited. On Saturday I picked up my ring (from being soldered to the wedding ring) and dropped my dress off at a local bridal salon for cleaning. Since I picked up the ring, my stress level has dropped significantly. Now we’re focused on enjoying the week.

A tip to anyone who has a private seamstress alter your dress: You may need to shop around to find a bridal salon that will clean and steam your gown. I found a family-owned place in the area that’s charging $100 to clean and steam the gown and steam the veil, so not bad. That service should be included if you have your alterations done at the salon at which you purchase the dress.

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