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Door County Bride-To-Be — Vintage Engagement

February 16th, 2012 by Amanda - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

Growing up on an old farm and having watched more classic black and white movies than you can number has definitely had an impact on my decisions for the theme of our engagement photos, and our wedding theme in general… vintage!

I really wanted Kyle’s and my photos to capture our personalities. We both have an appreciation for all things old-fashioned, and even joke around about how we wish we could have lived back in the “black and white movie days.”

I contacted my uncle who lives near Sturgeon Bay, because I knew he had some amazing antique “toys” that would be perfect for our photos. He agreed to let us come in and use his amazing space to capture our perfect old-fashioned engagement photos!

We decided to take the photos on a beautiful sunny day in January. I had been in contact with numerous photographers in the area for information and pricing but when that perfect opportunity came for Kyle and I to finally take the photos, I hadn’t chosen one yet (although I do have one in mind for the wedding!). So, I decided to do a little improvisation, and had my dad take the photos! My uncle didn’t necessarily want strangers on his property, so it just worked out that my dad was the lucky guy. He’s always loved photography, and has a natural eye for it (especially with a little art direction from me), and combined with my graphic design and photo editing experience I think they turned out pretty fantastic! My sister even joined us and helped out with making sure some of the smaller details were attended to. Overall it was a lot of fun!

Here are just a few of my favorites!

Until next time!


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