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Door County Bride-To-Be — What Do You Remember Most?

January 19th, 2012 by Amanda - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

When you think of all the weddings you’ve ever been to, what are the top 2 things you remember? Was it the dress? The flowers? The food? The typo on the invitations?

After my latest “budget” post, I really started to think about the importance of spending my money in the right places… not only for my own sake, but also for my guests. Of course I’m going to remember every detail, but what kinds of things do guests remember the most?

After doing some research and talking with some friends and family, the one thing that everyone said is that they remember the food. Some people remember it being fantastic, and some remember it being horrible. Regardless of their experience, everyone remembers the food that is served at a wedding, and it is the topic of conversation for years to come.

In second place came the music. Did the DJ get the guests involved? Were there people dancing? What types of music were being played? Was there awkward silences and equipment malfunctions? It seems that if something is just mediocre, people don’t remember it. They only remember things that are REALLY good or REALLY bad.

With all this going through my head, I’ve decided to focus on those two areas when it comes to where a good portion of my budget is spent. Of course everyone is different, but majority rules on this one! Of course I’m going to be the happiest person alive on my wedding day, but it’s also important to me that my guests remember the day as wonderfully as I do. I certainly don’t want my wedding being the new “disaster topic” of the year, so I’m going to take extra care in determining the most “memorable” aspects.

Any suggestions for a good DJ? Or a unique “Door County” dish?

Have a great week!


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