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Introducing the New Bride-To-Be — Hi! I’m Jackie

November 13th, 2012 by Jackie - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

Door County Bride-To-Be Photo by Jason Mann Photography.

Hi! I’m Jackie, and I’m a Door County bride-to-be. My Door County groom-to-be, Matt, and I live in Milwaukee with our rescued greyhound, Freddy. Our wedding date is tentatively June 15, 2013, but don’t hold us to that—I’ll explain why.

We became engaged on April 1 this year, my twenty-ninth birthday, over a beautiful champagne brunch at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro in Milwaukee. With great excitement (and more than a little trepidation), we started the wedding planning process.

I’ve been in no fewer than ten weddings (think “27 Dresses”), so I felt pretty well prepared to plan my own nuptial celebration. I dove right in, scrawling dozens of possible ceremony-reception combinations on legal pads and Post-It notes. Tours were taken of Milwaukee-area venues at which I’d always wanted to have a wedding. We were going to have the best, most fabulous wedding ever known!

And then, the bubble burst.

One night a few weeks after the engagement, Matt and I spread on the living room floor all of the wedding swag we’d accumulated. For one reason or another, we eliminated every single brochure and flyer. Beautiful lakefront park? Not enough parking for out-of-town guests. Breathtaking botanical garden? Too far from hotels. We were back to square one.

The idea of a small wedding in Door County came up—Matt’s birthday is in August, and we’ve celebrated for the past few years by spending a week in Sister Bay. We broached the subject with our respective parents and were met with some resistance, so dropped the idea. In the meantime, people lovingly pressed for details on colors, a date, a venue, not realizing just how much pressure Matt and I felt.

Just over a month after the engagement, I closed on my very first house, a nightmarish short sale that almost didn’t come to be. Sadly, Matt’s paternal grandmother suffered a stroke the very day of closing, passing away just a few days after. In the middle of this, Matt was finishing his final semester of college.

Fed up with the entire process and feeling the need to just book SOMETHING, we set a date (August 24, 2013), settled on a venue in Milwaukee and picked a caterer. I even bought a dress! Still, it wasn’t us. Neither of us was really excited about the process, because we were planning a party specifically for the comfort of our extensive out-of-town family.

A few weeks later, in early August, we decided to book an impromptu long weekend in Door County. Because we wanted to bring Freddy, we trolled through websites of as many Door County resorts, hotels and motels as we could find, looking for pet-friendly lodging. Images of happy newlyweds along beautiful lake vistas filled the screen. We looked at each other and just knew that we wanted to be wed in Door County, but weren’t sure where to start.

After our trip, I started looking for Door County wedding information in earnest. I came across a fabulous little blog called Door County Bride and was stunned by the magnitude and variety of information. I devoured each blog post and used the list of suggested vendors as a guide to begin our search. Not long after, we decided to commit to a small (65-75 people) wedding in Door County and use our catering deposit for a grand party in Milwaukee a few weeks later.

So, there you have it. We’re planning our Door County wedding and couldn’t be happier about it. We can’t wait to share what wisdom we acquire with you!

{Photo by Jason Mann Photography}

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