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Door County Bride-To-Be — Combining Textures

February 9th, 2012 by Amanda - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

As I’ve been gathering inspiration for decorations, flowers, vases, and handmade crafts, I decided to focus on combining different textures and color palettes that complement each other, while still keeping my theme vintage, casual and chic.

Part of my vision from the get go, was to use burlap. When I started telling people this, they just gave me a very confused look and didn’t understand how burlap could be pretty, feminine, or used as a wedding accessory. But like I said, I have a vision!

Since my theme is very country/relaxed, burlap fits the part perfect when combined with other softer textures and colors. It’s a nice neutral color, and when applied the right way, can add a unique look. You can use burlap to wrap the bouquets, combine it with ribbon and lace, make it into a tablecloth, and even use it as a backdrop for a homemade photo booth (which is part of my plan)! Combining this rough, basic texture with the softness and smoothness of other textures like ribbon also gives a nice visual contrast. It really brings out the “country,” while the other aspects can still be pretty and feminine.

I also have an idea of using old vintage bottles and jars as vases and candle holders. My dad collects old bottles and jars, so it’s a perfect way to re-purpose an item with a lot of character, but for virtually  no cost. And it all fits into my theme! In addition, baby’s breath seem like the perfect, delicate addition to my texture palette. It is dainty, casual, vintage, and timeless. I would rather have bouquets and centerpieces that don’t have to all be exactly the same, but each can have it’s own character.


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