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Door County Bride-To-Be — DJ Commitment Issues

January 24th, 2012 by Dawn - 0 Comments - Leave a Comment

I’ve got the guy, the date, location, photographer, baker, the save the dates out and even the dress, but all the while I’ve been researching DJs and just could not commit to one.  My fiancé and I knew that we wanted a DJ vs live music right out of the gate,
because a DJ is more budget friendly and we like the song variation a DJ offers. Also we thought it would be great if we could book a DJ and photo booth together. I knew a photo booth was a must have, since my fiancé is still talking about the photo booth at a friend’s wedding a couple years ago.

So I started searching for a DJ in early November, because I knew I wanted to get to pick from the best DJs and I did not want to worry about the DJ I wanted booking up. I used as well internet searches and friends and family recommendations to research DJs.  I talked to so many DJs via email and phone that I think I started to get overwhelmed by the different options, but I narrowed it down to a few that I was really interested in. The DJs that really interested me had great reviews on and answered my questions very quickly via email and/or phone.

This is where I got stuck and my commitment issues began.  I started feeling the pressure of what if I pick the wrong one and that is all my friends and family can talk
about for years to come. So I asked my fiancé for help picking, but he was in the same boat as me and he did not want the final say.

So there I was two and a half month later with no DJ picked out and still scared to pick.  I received a follow up email from one of the DJs that made it to my top 3 and I could not bare to spend any more time thinking about DJs and possible picking the wrong one. I emailed to book this DJ, but I got a call the next day telling me he was booked for my wedding day. That’s when I realized that he had been spam emailing me the whole time (sending me canned follow emails every couple weeks)! In a panic I quickly called the DJ that during my research process always emailed me promptly and answered all my questions, without gimmicky spam emails and to boot had the amazing reviews on

I feel so lucky that Elite Music Service still had an opening and I was able to book them for my wedding.  It feels like such a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, because I finally feel like I do not need to worry about the DJ. If your looking for a DJ you must check out all the wonderful reivews on Elite from Plus come back in September and I will provide my review as well.

I’m excited to say we did book the photo booth as well!  Scott from Elite provided me with photos of the photo booth and DJ set up to share:



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