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Wedding Inspiration Board — Winter Peach

November 8th, 2011 by Morgan - 5 Comments - Leave a Comment

Our first inspiration board for the Door County Bride site! We’re going to be profiling different season themes, color palettes and new takes on traditions from time to time to help get your creative juices flowing.

This first board features an embellished belt for the waistband of your dress that can help bring colors or a bit of sparkle to the perfect fit. We also show a pearl encrusted cake with a few floral decorations that tie into the bouquet. Shoes that sparkle and tall vases with submerged flowers for centerpieces add drama, and a contemporary letterpress invitation lets the guests know the excitement that awaits.

Tell us what your favorite pieces in the inspiration board are and what you’d add or take away. We love to hear from you!

And you can see more Winter Wedding inspiration on our Pinterest Board where you can find where to purchase inspiration items and add them to your own boards (if you’re a Pinterest member) to show your vendors and make your dreams come true. Happy searching!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Inspiration Board — Winter Peach

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